Addressing major challenges
in antimicrobial therapies
through cutting-edge
technology and research.

Our proprietary technology is designed
to reduce bioburden and improve patient outcomes.

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Creating a more human, meaningful, and healthier world for all,
through cutting edge technology and research.


Established in 2022, Polaroid Therapeutics is driven by a clear and ambitious mission – to create a more human and meaningful world through groundbreaking technology and research.


Our proprietary technology is carefully crafted to tackle significant challenges in antimicrobial therapies, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.


At Polaroid Therapeutics, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families. Our focus is on delivering superior treatments that promote healing and enhance the overall quality of life. We are committed to reaching and assisting individuals worldwide, with the vision of touching and improving the lives of all humankind.

Our Proprietary

A new era of wound care.

Our proprietary technology represents a significant advancement in antimicrobial therapies, setting a new standard in the industry. We are committed to delivering superior solutions that not only effectively addresses bioburden of resistant strains but also ensures patient safety and optimal healing outcomes.

Enhancing Safety

Pushing the boundaries of medical devices to ensure a safer and healthier future for patients. Infection risk is a constant concern with medical devices such as catheters and implants. By developing long-lasting coatings that effectively combat bioburden and antimicrobial resistance (AMR), we are committed to lowering the risks associated with routine and complex medical procedures.

A Holistic Antimicrobial Breakthrough

Embracing cutting-edge 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, combination drugs and advanced delivery systems, our mission is to introduce groundbreaking antimicrobial treatments to the world. Through our innovative technology, we strive to deliver superior and effective treatments that can transform patient outcomes.

Meet our small
but mighty team.

Frenkel, RPh

CEO & Co-Founder

Over 25 years of expertise in pharma executive management, research & development, clinical operations, regulatory, strategy & innovation. A seasoned leader with international roles, spanning from start-ups to biotech, medical device companies, CROs, and pharmaceutical companies.



Commercial professional with expertise in branding, communications, marketing partnerships and business development. A breadth of experience from working across varied industries including global brands, media entities, technology, entertainment, NGOs, international and domestic sports properties.


Operations and Marketing Manager

Itai is a young professional with several years of experience in clinical research documentation as a TMF associate at Karyopharm Therapeutics. He is responsible for our operations, USA Human Resources, Finance, and Legal departments


Head of Research and Development

Professional R&D manager with a proven track record of managing product development projects in the medical device and life science industry. Experienced in cross-functional team leadership, innovation and technology management.

Get accounted with our
trusted Advisory Board.

Hart, PhD

CEO and Founder of Cica Biomedical Ltd (established in 2001) a providing contract pre-clinical research services to the wound management and regenerative medicine sectors. 30 years’ experience running efficacy, translational and regulatory wound healing studies on devices, drugs and biologics. He has supported the progression of numerous wound therapies from the bench to clinical use.

Prof. Matthew
Hardman, PhD FRSB

A leading expert in wound healing and wound microbiology and Director of Research at Hull York Medical School. Mat brings unrivalled expertise in wound infection and delayed translational cell and tissue models.

Friedman, MD MBA

Graduated from the Rapaport school of medicine at the Technion Institute of Technology and the plastic reconstructive surgery residency program of the Tel Aviv Medical Center.

Liang, PhD

President of Polaroid Sciences, Taiwan. With a PhD and MS in Polymer Science and Engineering, he has published extensively, contributed to over 200 US patents, and played significant roles in the advancement of electronic, renewable energy, and biomedical fields.

Herchen, PhD

Chief Technology Advisor at Polaroid., received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Stephen has over 30 years’ experience in the imaging industry with R&D and new product development.

Addressing major challenges in antimicrobial therapies
through cutting-edge technology and research.

We are a fast-growing biotech organisation.
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